Being “The Veridian Guy”

“Hey, I know you. You work at the Veridian in the union.”

“You look really familiar. How do I know you?”

“Aren’t you the Veridian guy?”

Yes. I am the Veridian guy. Perhaps more appropriately, I was the Veridian guy. For over two years, I worked at the Veridian Credit Union office in the Maucker Union at UNI. Most of that time, you could find me manning one specific spot at the branch. Those of you who’ve gone out with me over the last couple of years know that I get recognized pretty consistently. I’ve always said that it kind of annoys me to be known for working at Veridian. I never wanted my job to be the definition of who I was. After saying goodbye to numerous people at UNI over the past few days, I can say that it was absolutely an honor to be known for working there.

I don’t have a financial background. My degree is in History and I’m not particularly great with numbers. I had worked at a few other offices, but when the opportunity to work at UNI came up, it was too strong to resist. I ended up having a lot of autonomy thanks to the best boss I ever had. I was also fortunate enough to have worked with some of the best people I know. They made me look better than I was every single day. When I look back at where the office was and where it is now, I feel immense pride.

I could not have asked for a better spot to start feeling comfortable, which I was. However, I’m not ready for comfortable yet. I haven’t seen and experienced enough yet. Maybe I’ll never be satisfied. Perhaps I’ll be a nomad for life. All I know is that it was time to go, but I could not be leaving a better place.


One thought on “Being “The Veridian Guy”

  1. Spencer

    Good luck, Nick! It was a pleasure working with you…still mad about your high score in tomato bounce though! Veridian Maucker Union was seriously the best place I’ve ever worked.


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