The Start

It’s 3:30 pm on the first Tuesday in February at the Eastern Iowa Airport in Cedar Rapids. There’s a smattering of people, maybe one seat taken for every four open. Most seem ready for a business trip, or ready to head home from one. This seems like an odd place to start.

Flights are delayed, but eventually I’ll be off too Chicago, Dublin, then finally to Barcelona where I’ve been telling everyone I’ll be starting off my wandering. That’s not really true though. It starts here, in Iowa. I’ve always expressed the desire to try living somewhere else, but until recently never did that much about it.

It’s a little appropriate I’m leaving my home for no home at all. If I’ve never lived anywhere else as an adult, why not try everything else? I’ll know when and where will be the right place and time for me. Now it’s time to go find it.


One thought on “The Start

  1. Dietz

    Good luck Alden. May you find joy in every day and never turn down a new experience.
    We’ll miss having you near by.
    Keep posting!


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